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Paris is by far one of the most popular and visited destinations in Europe.  Because of its rich cultural heritage and long history, it draws about 28 million tourists annually.

The city’s remarkable architecture, buildings, numerous museums, churches, beautiful gardens and castles attract tourists of all ages. Paris is home to 4 UNESCO world heritage sites.

One of the most popular attractions, the Lovre Museum, is visited by over 8 million tourists annually.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eifel Tower, the Basilique du Sacre –Coeur are among the most visited tourist sites.

Stroll down the charming streets of Montparnasse and enjoy the works of art of the artistic community there,  take a walk along the Avenue Champs-Elysees, or spend some exciting hours in the numerous cabarets  in Paris  just to feel the pulse of this enticing city.

A stopover in Paris can made on Air France, Delta and US Airways flights to Bulgaria.


AMSTERDAMAmsterdam is among the smallest capital cities in Europe; nevertheless it boasts beautiful architecture, many museums, historical sites, and great night life.
Its world famous canals are a remarkable point of interest. Take a short river cruise along the canals or stroll down the streets and experience the charm of the city, created by its remarkable architecture, street cafes, bistros and restaurants, and the many bicyclists passing by.
Among the not-to-be-missed points of interest are the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the world famous Red Lights District.
A flight to Bulgaria via Amsterdam presents you with an opportunity to do a several days stopover and explore this dynamic and charming travel destination.