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It is believed, although nmot proven yet, that at this place in Strandja Mountain has been buried the Thracian Goddess Bastet who had a body of a woman and a head of a cat and spent the greater part of her life in Egypt.

It all started back in 1981 when a tresure hunter found a map with unknown symbols, which has been drawn on a piece of skin. With its help, and the help of professionals from different fields the place has been uncovered.

However, everybody, who took part on the expedition which goal was to find the cave where the goddess has been buried, and to break into it, has been struck by an ominous fate.

Since then, nobody ever threatened to enter the cave.

Regardless if it is mysticism or reality, the place is worth visiting not only because of the presumptive existence of the Bastet's grave, but because of the nearby located Mishkova Niva in near promximity of which you can visit one of the most interesting domed tombs in Strandja.

And if we are to add the beatiful and magical Strandja mountain, the experience is definitely worth it!